Community Organizing

The foundation of PULSE lies in our creative community-building under our non-profit, PULSE – Pinoys United in Living the Solidarity Economy.  As an organization, we seek to incubate the Creative Economy of the Philippines.

What does that mean?  Basically, we undertake projects that we think support Manila’s vast and varied creative communities.

One big project is what we call the Creative Community Studio – an arts, culture and innovation community center we are developing in Old Manila, with the help and partnership of a growing number of incredible people and organizations – arts and culture stakeholders of the Metro.  People believe in Creative Manila.  And together, we are making this happen.

Another is the PULSExchange – creative residencies introducing people to the real potential to pursue creative and innovative work in the Philippines.  Originally we had envisioned these residencies as targeting those outside Manila, but we realized that before we could do this, we have to first organize and create value locally.