Meet Our Interns: Julmar

Julmar Carcedo Jr.

Class of 2016, Brown University

B.A. in International Relations

What’s your passion?

I am passionate about history, culture and societies. I am interested in contributing to the improvement of my countrymen’s lives. Migration and human geography are my particular academic interests. I am passionate about progressive ideals particularly in ensuring that the LGBTQ community are treated with love and equality all over the world. I love learning more about people, places and all things Pinoy!

Why do you support a creative economy?

I support a creative economy because it ignites the entrepreneurial spirit of people. It is sustainable and it leads the economy forward. A creative economy cultivates and uses the innate talent of the Filipino people and let’s them pursue their passion. A country that values creativity encourages its people to find inspiration through their lived experiences. It invites Filipinos to love Filipino-made products because Filipino artists and designers are more supported to produce innovative, more cutting-edge work. Lastly, a creative economy promotes the culture and diversity of the Philippines.

Why are you interested in Pulse?

I became interested in Pulse because Rovaira is the coolest. When she came to Brown and showed us MNL’s trailer, I immediately understood the mission of the organization. MNL’s message conveys a social phenomenon that is happening right now. I want to have a hand in spreading that message. Moreover, Pulse has a lot of potential because the organization believes in the power of stories. History believes that narratives have a power to make a difference. Pulse believes it too. Since it’s a young, small organization, it is very teamwork-oriented. To be able to work closely with Rovaira in all of Pulse’s projects is very enticing because we are working at the core of Pulse. Lastly, Pulse is based in Manila, one of the most creative, promising developing megacities in the world.

What interested you in diaspora?

I am interested in diaspora because my father is an overseas Filipino worker (OFW). ln addition, the Philippines is a nation of diaspora. As a young kid, I always wanted to have an international experience. In highschool, I wrote my Extended Essay (EE) on Lee’s migration theory and the movement of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). Then, I went to Brown University in the US but I stayed involved in the Filipino communities and realized how that’s a large part of my identity.

What do you think is Manila’s pulse?

Sub-question: What are examples of experiences or thoughts you’ve had while here?

Manila’s pulse is vibrant, energetic, and colorful. The creative scene is overwhelmingly exciting. The talent and the potential is just evident. There are areas of luxury but paired with extreme poverty. There’s a lot to be done and that is why it’s not boring. The energy is invigorating and all it needs are more outlets to divert all this talent and energy to create something beneficial to the world. So far, I had the chance to visit museums, experience the culture of Manila, immerse myself among the locals, mall-hopping, use public transport, visit the Malacañang palace Museum and devour plenty of sumptuous Filipino foods.

How do you think this experience will influence your lives back home?

This experience will influence my life in huge ways. I have never been in Manila for such an extended period of time. Thus, this is my first immersion to what the capital has to offer. In the weeks that I have spent working at Pulse, I realized the importance of understanding how things work locally. I learned that even if your Western education (might be but not necessarily) better, it doesn’t mean that you can just easily inject your Western ideals into the Philippines. Moreover, I learned to more patient when things don’t go according to schedule. The Philippines has a different way of doing things and it might frustrate plenty of people who are used to having the American way of doing things. Most importantly, I learned to hold on to images that will forever me value the opportunities I get to have in life.