Redefining Social Enterprise

Cultivating Manila’s Creative Economy

And so our focus shifted to working with underserved communities of our city who often never consider a creative career possible – let alone responsible or dutiful.  By creating partnerships with existing creative(s) collectives in the Metro, we work to bring communities together such that “creative careers” are not just for the well-supported.  We hope that as creative people, who have had the privilege to pursue our own creative passions professionally, we are able to create avenues of opportunity to participate in the cultivation of a creative economy that we believe will lead to sustainable, long-lasting development for the city, for the country.

Our goal is that the communities we serve will believe in the vision that pursing one’s passions in creative and innovative fields is possible.

And that’s where the “hybrid model” comes in.  This interdependency between our for-profit, cooperative-based creative firm + our creative community organizing non-profit will hopefully see a point where those we have served will find opportunity to join as partners in our firm.

Literally, adding that final link where 1) community building, 2) creative workshops to nurture artistic exploration and 3) apprenticeship trainings to develop skills for creative careers has led to a real opportunity to support oneself and one’s family through passion-driven work.  At a creative firm where you are not just a laborer, staff member or employee, but an ownership-sharing creative partner.

This is our dream.  Our firm has been in operation for the past year (not without a lot of dips and turns!).  We hope to launch our residencies, workshops and apprenticeship trainings in 2014.